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This site showcases galleries of my work from 2016- present. What I love about this gallery site is that it documents my growth! It’s almost like a photo story, and you can see the emergence of my particular art style take shape. To access the art galleries, please select the year you wish to view from the main menu at the top right of this page. ❤️

I went from being an elementary art teacher for 11 years to being an artist that actually relies on his/her/their artwork to sustain him/her/them financially. It has been a wild ride and I never thought that it would lead me here, but I am so happy that it did! Although I have loved Tarot for many years, I never thought that I would create Tarot cards! At one point, I was even uncertain that I would ever learn how to use the Tarot because it is rather complicated and it can be daunting to memorize 78 card meanings, and their variations! With much practice, the meanings finally became clear to me, and now it is like second nature.

Much of my knowledge of the Tarot has been gained through the practice of art. Once I started drawing the cards, the symbols, colors, and character/interactions, etc… Well, they just started “popping off the pages.” I became familiar with all of these things, as they were repeated in my artworks. Never did I think that art would bring me to the Tarot… Never did I think that the Tarot would bring me to art, and that art would take the Tarot’s hand. And It’s name. For there is no Tarot without art!

Just as there is no Shilo without Tarot and ART! Sounds like an awesome threesome huh? Well, it definately is!

“And they all lived happily ever after.”

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